What Parents Say

We know we can say what we want about our center — but it’s the parents of “our” children who really matter.  Here’s what some of them have to say about My Special Spot:

Ode to My Special Spot

One August evening, I woke up in the dead of night,
Overcome by anxiety, confusion, and fright,

Our precious daughter was scheduled to attend another nursery,
But, maternal intuition told me that this could not be,

You see, I knew that Emma needed a different and more nurturing place,
Determined to find a better fit, I immediately gave chase,

I called many centers until finally I spoke to the kindest man,
Prepared to help me, in a very short time, we created a plan,

To visit, explore, and learn more about this unique place,
After seeing the school, I left with a huge grin on my face,

Witnessing the teachers in action, I could feel the tremendous care in the air,
I knew that we had to help Emma become a student there,

And so our journey at My Special Spot began that fall,
Within the first few weeks, we knew we had made the right call,

Emma began to blossom and thrive, we could see her confidence grow,
Such a transformation means more to us than you may ever know,

Ms.  Sarah, Ms.  Shelley, Ms.  Megan, Ms.  Stefania, what an amazing crew,
Ms.  Emily, Ms.  Darimar, and Ms.  Melissa, are super fantastic too,

You have made a difference in our lives, it is a debt we cannot ever repay,
Our gratitude is profound, so we wanted to take a moment to say,

For all that you do,
We sincerely thank you.

Much Love,

Roz, Ernie, and Emma C, Morris Plains

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering My Special Spot for your pre-school/day care needs.  If you’re like me, you’re feeling anxious and concerned about who’s going to care for your precious baby(ies) while you’re working.  Going back to work is a big decision, made so much easier if you really feel confident in your day care decision.

I was in your position almost 6 years ago when my husband and I had to choose a day care center.  We researched and interviewed numerous centers…until we met with Jeff at My Special Spot.

There was something about him that I liked right away: he tried to educate me, not “sell” me.  He talked all about the kids, the care, the enrichment and the education.  He listened and remembered details about us and our children that he mentioned in future conversations.  Jeff knew everyone’s name – teachers, kids and parents.

Then there was the environment: as soon as I walked in the door, I knew this place was very different.  The center is very open with very high ceilings.  There weren’t high walls to compartmentalize the kids, like little kids in a fishbowl (as we saw at other centers).  The walls are low to promote communication, sharing, visibility.  There was – and still is – a very warm, open, friendly, family-like feeling.

Once we made the decision (which was obvious after our talks & visits to MSS), time passed and it was Emma & Molly’s first day at My Special Spot.  I was not prepared for how scared, anxious and nervous I was leaving our little girls in someone else’s care.  Would they really take care of our kids like we could?  I can honestly say – yes!  They can and they did.

From Miss Coretha to Miss Pattie to Miss Faye…up to Miss Gina…to Miss Laurie…our girls were cared for like no other day care center!  And that’s because My Special Spot is NOT a day care center – it’s a-away-from-home.  It’s an enrichment center like none other.  It’s a “my-kids-will-never-want-for-a-better-pre-school-education” center.

Between the exceptional care, enrichment and education, My Special Spot was & is the barometer by which all other schools will be judged.  From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to everyone at My Special Spot – I’m a lifetime friend and advocate!”


Debbie K. Flanders

Dan and I wanted to say thank you.  In as much as we want to thank everyone personally, we wanted to take the time to let you know how much we treasure your infant suite staff.  These incredible women have nurtured and loved Max from the moment they laid eyes on him at 3 months old.  And that love and attention hasn’t wavered as he has moved up into each new class.  Hugs and kisses are common for Max to receive from Melany and Maribel but just as likely to come from Rita, one of his very first teachers.

We feel such a sense of warmth and love every time we walk into and out of the infant suite with Max.  We have often commented at home and to our friends that without putting Max into school at such a young age, he would not have excelled in the way he has.  The teachers have encouraged him, challenged him and often taught him things that I didn’t catch on to for weeks after!  He always knew more than I thought he did—whether it was signing “more”, using a spoon to feed himself, and so much more.  We are truly excited to see him graduate into the toddler suite, and feel an incredible sense of gratitude toward the women who enabled him to thrive in his school environment and taught him what he needed to know to “graduate” on.

Thank you for having the foresight to hire these incredible women.  We feel truly blessed to have them caring for Max!

Warmly, Stacey and Dan B. Randolph

I’ve been so happy with My Special Spot!  The staff is wonderful and caring, and the range of activities included is unmatched.  Plus, I love that my husband and I have been involved with the center since we first enrolled our son at 18 months.  We’ve come for evening activities, Mother’s Day brunch, and other events.  It’s nice to feel that we’re a part of our son’s childcare.  Most importantly, our toddler loves coming to school every day.  He’s made lots of friends, and has a wonderful bond with his caregivers.  I wouldn’t think of bringing him anywhere else.

Aimee B., Livingston NJ