Baby Bears & Snuggly Bears

Woman feeding a babyAge – 6 Weeks – approx. 6 months & 6 months – approx. 12 months
State Ratio – 1:4
MSS Ratio – 1:3

Welcome to the Baby Bears & Snuggly Bears, where a wide variety of age-appropriate experiences are provided every day!  These are both planned and impromptu and are often dictated by the needs and moods of the babies.  We believe that every experience is a learning experience and that all experiences are valuable in stimulating, soothing, and enhancing growth and development.  We monitor each baby’s progress and inform parents regarding any concerns.  We have specific goals for each child and encourage each one.  We recognize that each child is different and refrain from making comparisons.  We know that every child is unique and special and has infinite potential.  All day long, your child is involved in:

  • Responding to surroundings & people; recognizing people, responding to names
  • Developing sounds & language –cooing, expressing contentment & discomfort
  • Experiencing positive patterns
  • Enjoying tactile experiences – touching, grasping, squeezing, shaking
  • Focusing on shapes, colors, patterns
  • Actively moving – kicking, batting, waving, clapping
  • Reacting to sensory experiences – smells & tastes
  • Following objects – cause & effect, object permanence, perceptual training
  • Physical development – tummy time, opportunities to roll, crawl, climb
  • Listening skills – sounds, voices, music
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Making choices through exploring and discovering
  • Reaching milestones

Some of the material and techniques that make for a happy, well rounded day include: bubble play, water splashing, sensory bottles/bags, use of rattles, balls, books, blocks, pat mats, busy boxes, mobiles, musical instruments, toys and manipulatives.  We read to the children, recite poems and familiar chants and sing songs.  We point to objects and name them while in the room, on the changing table or on our walks.

Our number one priority is the children.  We focus on them completely, giving them time, attention, and energy.  Although we work very hard on verbal and written communication with parents, it is impossible to convey all the wonderful aspects of an eleven-hour day.  We need parental input and involvement and rely on your partnership and trust.