Teddy Tots

Woman and child playing Age – 2 years – 3 years
State Ratio – 1:6 until 2.5 yrs, 1:10 for 2.5-3 years
MSS Ratio – 1:5

Welcome to the Teddy Tots!  In the Teddy Tot room, we are dedicated to creating and implementing a warm and friendly learning environment for your child.  We begin each day with a fun and informative circle time where we sing, read age appropriate books, talk about the weather and incorporate monthly calendars to practice counting and reciting the days of the week in English and Spanish.

You will find that the Teddy Tot room is broken down into centers such as blocks, home living, sensory and library, among others.  The centers are set up with activities that encourage your child to learn through structured play.  Not only will your child have the opportunity to engage in each center, but he/she will also participate in small group activities with his or her primary caregiver.  Furthermore, your child will be provided with plenty of outdoor time and/or gross motor activities to round out each day.

Your child will receive positive guidance and support to allow them a stress-free potty training experience.  He or she will be changed every two hours (unless needed before) and will be given the option to sit on the potty.  Your child will never be forced or coaxed, but only encouraged to try.

We look forward to you being a part of the Teddy Tot family and to having a great year.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.