Cuddly Cubs

Child playing in the fieldAge – 18 months – 2 years
State Ratio – 1:6
MSS Ratio – 1:4

Welcome to the Cuddly Cubs!  Your child is now a young toddler and learning all about themselves and others.  Through demonstration and example, your child will begin to gain an understanding of social interaction and how to appropriately express their own emotions and individual needs.  We will give your child the words he/she will need to learn how to identify what he/she is feeling and how to communicate properly.  In the Cuddly Cubs room, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a classroom environment that is kind, encouraging and supportive for your child to effectively bond and socialize with their teachers and peers.

As a Cuddly Cub, your child will begin each day with a short circle time which consists of singing, reciting finger plays and reading books based on the monthly theme.  We will also practice counting using a calendar as well as other manipulatives and reciting the alphabet.  Your child will be visually exposed to numbers and letters to begin making connections.  Throughout the day, your child will have the opportunity to free play, but will then be presented with a variety of organized activities to motivate him/her to explore and discover the world around themselves.  This exploration and discovery helps to develop your child’s cognitive and language skills in a way that is fun and interactive.

In the Cuddly Cubs, you may now order your child lunch from our catering menu.  Also, children will begin using plastic utensils and, if you choose, transition to drinking from a plastic cup rather than a sippy cup!  Most children of this age range do not show interest in potty training.  However, if you inform us that your child is showing signs of being ready, we will happily assist by allowing them to sit on the potty and become comfortable and acclimated to the process.

We look forward to having your child as part of our family, and can’t wait to get to know them and love them.  Feel free to stop by and visit and see what our classroom is all about.