Koala Kids

Age – 2.5 years – 3 years
State Ratio – 1:10
MSS Ratio – 1:7

2 child playingWelcome to the Koala Kids!  It is our goal to provide your child with an exciting and enjoyable experience, while still offering age-appropriate, structured activities that continue to develop their cognitive, motor, social, emotional and language skills.  Our main objective for your child in the Koala Kids class is for him/her to be able to recognize letters, shapes, colors, numbers, his/her own name as well as to be able to interact appropriately with peers.  The classroom is organized into centers in which your child will be able to move to freely as well as with specified learning groups.  Each center will have activities and items that correlate with the school’s monthly theme.  Each theme will be discussed during an interactive and stimulating circle time.

As a Koala Kid, your child is approaching pre-school age and craves independence.  We allow your child every opportunity to explore who he or she is as an individual and discover his or her own capabilities. Opportunities to discover their independence is encouraged throughout the day while they are picking which center they would like to play in while being responsible for their name card as well as introducing “Family Style” snacks to the children to encourage proper table manners.   However, through all this independent investigation, we will be present in every situation to provide support, guidance and assistance.  We will continue to nurture your child.

In the Koala class, we will continue to assist your child in the art of potty training.  We understand that this is both a stressful and thrilling time and want you to know that we are here to offer our patience, care and direction to you and your child.